In the Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious!
All the articles in this website are the English rendering of articles by Abdul Wadud (P M A Gafur) in Malayalam. P M A is an Islamic orator and a profound writer from South India and has delivered many speeches and has written numerous articles on Islam.
This place is a fruit of collective efforts by a team, with the author’s permission and support. This aims at spreading the ‘beauty’ of Islam.
It was quite a difficult task for us to translate these articles into English without losing the rich literal style of the author in Malayalam and with our limited knowledge. Feel free to point out possible mistakes and provide us creative suggestions to make this site and the articles better. You maycontact us here.
This site will be updated with a new article every week Insha Allah. Please visit us often, share the articles with your friends/colleagues/relatives and subscribe to the posts.
Disclaimer:  All mistakes in the posts are most likely occurred during translation, we would really appreciate if you could notify us. You are free to copy, share and promote the articles in the original form, in order to spread the message and the enchanting beauty of Islam. However, you are not permitted to create derivatives without author’s permission. We would demand you to give credits in case you copy any articles into your blogs, web-space etc. You should not use the articles or its derivatives for any commercial activities.

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