Deception under guise

Written By:-
Muhammad Rahman

Assalam alaikom. Please if you see someone quoting from any of the following great men inclding our Holy Prophet (saas) then please DO NOT believe unless they mention the correct sources of Ahl Sunnah wa jamah, because The SHIAS say many things in name of Islam and attribute such sayings to these great men of Islam, including our Holy Prophet (saas). For example the shias say that Caliph Ali hated the first three Caliphs and put such lie on Caliph Ali's mouth and so on.

So the people we are concerned about is

Prophet Muhammad (saas)

Fatimah (ra)

Caiph ‘Ali (ra)
Hasan (ra)
Husayn (ra)
‘Ali Zaynul ‘Abidin (rh)
Muhammad al-Baqir (rh)
Ja‘far as-Sadiq (rh)
Musa al-Kadhim (rh)
‘Ali ar-Ridha (rh)
Muhammad at-Taqi (rh)
‘Ali an-Naqi (rh)
Hasan al-‘Askari (rh)
Muhammad al-Mahdi (rh)

Shia sources which cannot be relied upon are:

Nahjul Balaga by
Biharul Anwar by Majlisi
Al-Kafi by Kulaini
man la yahduruhu alfaqeeh by As-Sadooq
Al-Istibsar by Tusi
wasail shia by Alhur Alamili
masuat Imam Ali ibn Ali talib by Muhammad rishahri
tawheed almufaddal by almufaddal ibn umar alkufi
Kitab Al-Tawheed by Sadooq
Al-jawahir sunniya fil Ahadeeth Alqudsiyya by Alhur Alamili
Tahzeebul Ahkam by tusi
Musnad Imam Ali by Sayyid hasan Al-qabanji
uyun akhbar alrida by alsadooq
qasasul anbiya by qutub din rawaindi
al-amali by alsadooq
alamali by abi jafar tusi
tuhaful uqul aan al rasul
maani alakhbar by ibn babewi


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